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Roy Eyles Nice to be part of your family research.
Roy Eyles, New Zealand.
5 years ago
Marilyn Herman Ditto. My family continues to expand world wide. It's eye opening!
5 years ago
Howard Stearns It seem's after a time, reseach takes on a life of it's own and new info just keeps comming in. I love it
5 years ago
Marilyn Herman Amen
5 years ago
Philip Whitaker Remare Marilyn found out we are 9th cousins, on her maternal side...nice to know and kind of her to share. Reeve line.
2 years ago
Elizabeth Anne McMillan Back Hi Marilyn, we have lots in common and I to am a research hound. I have found so many family members and the wildest is i have found several adopted cousins as well as family I never knew existed. I use as well as my heritage. Just when I think I am at an end something pops up. I suppose there is no real end, or at least I hope not. I am happy to see we connect, just not sure where yet. Have a great day and keep clicking, TTFN Elizabrth
one year ago