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William E Wiersma

Joined:December 2 2008 (7 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Wiersma, Van Liere, Elenbaas, Johnson (Jansen), Wyngarden
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eimert smits Hello William,
I don't know you speak Dutch, so I try Anglisch. My question is are you interested in pictures of the Wiersma familiy. I have, let me know which one and I shell see what I can do for you.
gtrz. eimert smits, grand child in law of Elisabeth Wiersma.
4 years ago
William E Wiersma Eimert,
Speak and write VERY LITTLE Dutch, to thanks for the English!! I am learning to read the Dutch fairly well from all my research. Yes I would love pictures of anyone you have, please. Most are very difficult to find. Please identify name(s) and a date if possible because many names are duplicated over the generations. Thank you in advance.
4 years ago
Jean Mulder Thank goodness Garrett still reads and speaks it !!! Am reading a very old book...."Evolution of the Dutch Nation" by Bernard H. M. Vlekke. Not an easy read but very interesting! The Frisian are the earliest and continuous of the settlers. Starts with pre-historic days when the British Isles broke off from the continent of Europe and the waters of the Atlantic rushing through what are now the Straits of Dover..threw up the sand dunes and gave the Netherlands the geographic formation that has had so dominant an influence on the character of the inhabitants. Fascinating read.
one year ago
peter rietel dear sir.after a while from agonaising surch i have to admit my premium membership so id like to hope that you can help me in my resurch.if it may pleace you i follow you in your surge a quite of time.forgive pleace for my english but i prommis you it will be better in a long shot made a few conections over mine ansesters so pleace keep in tuch my best recards to you and your family peter rietel
one year ago
peter rietel for your info i am a member of the wiersma family but my fathers site is rietel my mother is an oswald and my grandmother is a wiersma
one year ago
peter rietel be free as we speek to go to my tree if you like
one year ago
William E Wiersma Pieter,
Thank you for the contact.
Your English is much better than my Dutch, I must use online translation program.
I only find one Oswald in my list, Itje Wiersma born September 8 1904 in Bolsward married to Sjirk Oswald born April 5 1901 in Hemelumer.
Please give me any information about your family that might help make connections. Names, Dates (birth, death and marriage), children and any other you may have.
I would like to check your tree if you would send me a link. It may help us both make better connections.

Stay in touch and thank you for any help.
one year ago