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Mellanie Gray I have no idea on my mothers or fathers side this is why I was trying to find something out off of this. I am going to talk to my mother and uncles and see if they remember any of the names from their past childhoods or stories. I will reply to you as soon as I get an answer.
7 years ago
Kimberleymarie Allen thank you so much! Would youlike me to send you an invit to be a member of my site so that they can view the names and so forth to see if it helps? My email address is Is there a way to send you an invite on this site? If not, if you want to email me your email adrress, I will send it to you.
7 years ago
Danielle Whaley Hi.I was wondering if you are related to Eugene Dennis Ramsey?He passed about 45 years ago.
7 years ago