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David Rod Hatfield

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Hatfield, Farley, Perry, Scott, Humphrey, Hibbard, Scheiderer, Varney, Lyons, Chafin

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Jack Hatfield Rod, It appears that my profilr/ family tree is factual thru the Sept. 4 My Heritage up-date. From there on out, the data is corrupted. Ironically, my new profile has me born to a father, Nicolas, that died 13 years (1933) before I was born. Very frustating. Wonder if My Heritage has allowed Elaine Powell Hatfielf to access my web-site because she is a Premium user??? I have no ability to change my data becauseshe is the site manager of my new profile and family tree. Jack
2 years ago
David Rod Hatfield That totally wrong if they did! Surely not! I found no email address under 'Help' did you?
2 years ago
Cindi Crist Jack, I found the same thing happening to me several months ago on my tree. ( I have Hatfields and Hortons along with others in my Horton Tree, but that is beside the point)....I looked at what is new on the home page of my tree, and it clearly says that (! !) updated information on my Mary "Polly" (Woody) Horton. so I started checking on it. The person who did the update is a Premium user, also. Go to the members of your tree, find the person's name in question then.....if you go to the far right side and click can see other steps that you CAN take....the last one says remove from this site.
I do not mind others using the information that I have spent years and long hours researching, but I do mind them taking it upon themselves to change my information without my approval.
2 years ago
David Rod Hatfield Thanks Cindi !
2 years ago
David Rod Hatfield I had to remove a member for unauthorized edits and will not hesitate to do so again!
2 years ago