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Stanley T Rozmaryn Elizabeth,

I'm not sure of our relationship. I have 2 Mary E. Davis' in my file. One, born about 1925, would be my 5th cousin, twice removed, with our common ancestor being Benjamin Morse, b 1735, Hardyston, NY. The other Mary E. Davis in my file was born in 1866, and would be my 7th cousin, 4 times removed, our common ancestor being Anthony Morss, b. 1606 in Marlborough, England. He came to the colonies (Newbury, Massachusettes) in 1635 and is one of 4 or 5 of the first Morse's in the New World. I believe I got what information I have about both Mary E. Davis's from a CD-ROM I got from the Morse Society.

Ted Rozmaryn
Anderson, CA
7 years ago
Elizabeth Fuller-Tarbox Mary E. Davis born in 1925 is my mother and her mother's maiden name was Morse who married Roswell Davis born in 1892. I guess that makes us cousins. I appreciate your answering my question as I have just begun this search and am quite interested in learning more about my maternal background. thank you!
7 years ago