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Anastacia Fa'atoafe I would love for you and your family to come visit. I don't really travel too much mostly because of school and the kids. But my apartment is always open to family and friends. I live in Provo , UT and you are always welcome here. -Ana
7 years ago
Anastacia Fa'atoafe I don't remember the time we meet. How young was I ... I do however know who you are my mother has spoken about you and so did Grandpa when he was alive. I do look forward to meeting you again so that my children can know who you are as well. All will come to pass with faith and time. Love Ana
7 years ago
Maria Guadalupe Gonzales I'm sorry but I don't know how old you were. I do recall that I had a crochet project with me and Nikki became interested and I taught her the basic stitches and she learned them. I also remember Esteban at a young age. This could've been on separate visits.
7 years ago
Anastacia Fa'atoafe Hi Tia,
Yes I am super busy with my lil one and preparing my body for if God will another blessing... Yes a lot of people think my husband and I are crazy but we would love to have another child when he comes home from Afghanistan! Our children are our greatest blessing and we love them and want more together. Mom went back to Texas but her stay was wonderful just like every one she is searching for happiness I pray she finds it. Thank you for your letter I love hearing from family I will try to add more photos of my mnky's. They grow really fast, Nezzy (Inez) is starting to lift herself up on her knees and rock ..... soon she will be crawling everywhere she is only 6 months!! As for Maria and Tito they help me so much without me having to ask I am very blessed with selfless, loving and compassionate children. Love you very much - Ana
6 years ago
Maria Guadalupe Gonzales Praise God for your wonderful children. The baby is growing fast! I didn't know that your husband was serving in Afghanistan. I know God will bless you with more children because you are open to life and that is what he intends for all couples. Your family will be rewarded with many graces for your faithfulness to the Father's will. Let me know if we can help you.
I love you calling me Tia. I love you very much, too.
6 years ago
Maria Guadalupe Gonzales Ana, and don't worry about what people think. You follow what your heart tells you.

Take care and kiss the babies for me.
6 years ago
Maria Guadalupe Gonzales Hi Ana, I hope you're having a beautiful day. If it's hectic, take a few deep breaths and thank God for all your blessings. That always helps me see things in a better perspective.
I just wanted to let you know how special you are and that you are in my thoughts on this day. A reply is not necessary. My love for you and the children. May God bless you today and forever. Tia
6 years ago
Anastacia Fa'atoafe Hey Tia could you give me a call I have some questions about our family ancestors. 801-319-8345
5 years ago