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kikki brill Interested in exchanging pictures, documents, stories and all about family-history for me worldwide with genealogy friends and ancestors and cousins out there
7 years ago
Rick Nuttall Hi, KB I am trying to find relatives in Norway, I know i still have some there, De lange's my Uncle went there and found them but I have no way of knowing. My Great Grandfather is Lennert Gabriel De lange The person you sent is my Great Aunt. If you want please send email to I would be happy to send some things on genealogy. Thank you soooo much
Rick Nuttall
6 years ago
Alexander Olson Thanks Kikki, I am trying to verify that they are indeed the correct people before I proceed. I have very limited information from such a long time ago. I have been told by an older generation the chuch in Norway that held the records for the family was destroyed in a fire. I am not sure yet which church it was. Making it even more difficult, my family changed their names to Americanize themselves when they moved here. Thank you for you offer to assist, I may take you up on it if I can verify the connections
6 years ago
Kevin Wicks Hi I have some more information on John Cristian Halvorson Lia Seter. His fathers name was Kristian Halvorson Lia. He was married to Maria Nershaga. John had four brothers, Hans Halvorson, Martin Halvorson Kristian Peterson or maybe Pederson Laurets Peterson or Pederson. He also had three sisters Anna Married to Peter Haugen. Katrine married to John Johnson. And Inga married to Soven Jenson.I am pretty sure that they all came here to America
Thanks for any information you can find
6 years ago
kikki brill Hi Kevin, sorry!
Been buzy and forgot to check out here. Allright. I put all co-genealogists in Norway to work with your mission, I am a member in several areas and also the national group called DIS. I keep you posted on anything I/they find.
Kikki :o)
5 years ago
Kevin Wicks Thank you very much for your time and effort on this.
Kevin ;)
5 years ago
gerd helene moen hei Kikki, mitt navna er Gerd Helene Moen, jeg bor på søndre Tovsrud, med min mann Helge og 3 barn. Ser at du kommer inn på "mitt tre"(som kun befinner seg på min maskin, ) på min manns 3*tipp Neri Nerisen Tovsrud og Randi Halvorsdatter Aase. På Tovsrud bor nå min svoger med samboer, 2 egne barn og ny samboer(som har 4 barn). Jeg har stadig støtt på ditt navn, både på min og min manns side. Husker for øyeblikket ikke navn, men tror at på min side kan det ha med Ulefoss, Holla, eller ev, Solum, eller Valebø. skal ta en nærmere kikk om du er interessert. Mailadressa mi er;
Hadde vært artig å høre fra deg.
5 years ago
Shirley Westaway I'm missing you, Kikki. Where are you? Please contact
Shirley Westaway
3 years ago