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Chris Ann Plummer

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Vance, Payne, Rowe, Blankenship, Rose, Steele, Lester, Plummer

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Ricky Weinberg Tell me more about J.H. Blankenship Lucy Bailey
7 years ago
Dawn Michelle Ratliff Tell me more about J.H. Blankenship and Lucy Bailey
7 years ago
Chris Ann Plummer Jay Hugh Blankenship Is The son of William and Hannah Blankenship my ggranddad worked at redjacket mine at the time of of Ggrandmaw Lucy's death she passed away in the 30's and is Buried in the Bailey Cemetery. I search the listing there she's not listed I assume its a unmarked grave.She was only 40 Died of Pnuemonia. My ggradad moved to Virginia and married Goldie Compton. He retired from the mines at age 78. I remember reading a article about him being one of the oldest miners in history but I havnt found it yet. I am very proud of him. His Mother was Hannah Bailiey. Lucy's mother was Mary Cline all from Panther
7 years ago
Marie Green Chris, I don't know if your Blankinships are with ours or not, ours were mainly from North Carolina, but with your searching the listing of the Bailey cemetery sometimes a name may not be there because it has not been verified, if you know for sure and if the listing was from Find A Grave if you know someone in the area ask them to go and check it out for you and take a photo then you can submit the proof to Find A Grave. Good Luck In Your Search.
7 years ago
Chris Ann Plummer I visited that site many time June Green helped me find my greatgrandfater Salem Rowe So thanks I will get on it
7 years ago
Chris Ann Plummer I have made some changes to my tree but I guess its too big to upload Darn it
7 years ago
Chris Ann Plummer I have a public tree Check it out
6 years ago