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Connie Bazzell

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Janes, Mullins, Batts, Bazzell, Wyatt/Bean/St. Vincent

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Connie Bazzell Going to try to put up a webpage at GenForum or I want to put in all the things my Granda Bazzell wrote in his "Papa Bazzell" scrapbook. Eventually I will be able to scan and download all his photos of him and family that are in there.

Forgot if I wrote this on here but website technicians think the info. on statitics/places/map the map part is a bug. There is other info on here that is wrong, like about how many times I have visited this site, and the two yougest people alive because female Johnson is not the next to youngest, it's little bro. male Moen born 2/11/2002. Same birthday as Elizabeth Robertson Bazzell!
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell Sure are alot of October birthdays!
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell HOPE that somebody someday will find my website here and they will know who birthparents are, for certain, ,of my GreatGrandfather James. W. Mullins, and GGrandmother Elizabeth Janes or her maiden name.
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell Added under marriage in the info. box first wife of James W. Mullins who was Margaret A. White. Found some info. at one point that said her mother was Jane S. White. Add James and Margaret's children.
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell Giles Collins Mullins and Jincey Crenshaw and their son John married to Harriet Smothers are the parents and grandparents of James W. Mullins and his brother John C., and sister Frances Jane. The mystery is unraveled.
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell Still looking for mother of Martha Jane Batts and Elizabeth Janes.
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell We seem to have quite a few February birthdays. Happy birthday to Austin and Joshua Moen! :)
6 years ago
Connie Bazzell GGG Grandmother Mary J.B. Beach and sister Charlotte Beach, and Juda Beach, African Americans 1815 and on
one year ago