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keith stoner What can you say help full and good looking
5 years ago
Gerhard Smith Hallo Karen,

Thank you for that information. It seems we do have things in common in our family tree. As I am GERHARDUS Philippus Leonardus SMITH and we got our names from the VAN DER LINDE tree line. SO I am happy to share what I have with you so we can get a full picture of what has happened to this family "mix" that happened in South Africa. I am also living now in the Netherlands and moved here in 2003. As a South African I have still family living there and on the "GPL" side there is 8 VAN DER LINDE's with that name and 6 SMITH's

Please accept me to you family tree then I have a clear overview of your family tree info to. To copy and match it without typing it all over again.

Thank you

5 years ago
Clifford Hall Hi Karen
I received a match today for my paternal great-grandfather Peter William (Pieter Willem) Bester. His daughter Johanna Elizabeth Susan Bester married my grandfather Clifford James Hall in Cradock on Dec 23 1908. As a child, I had met and had contact his children Stanley, Aubrey but my father had contact with Charles and Paul.
I am trying to assemble the Hall family tree but with very little data available and ma hoping that you will accept me into your tree so that we can share information. My family still live in the Eastern Cape South Africa.
It would be good to hear from you.

Thank you so much.

Clifford Hall
3 years ago
Karen Langfield Hi Clifford

if you give me your email address I'll send you an invite-hope my tree will help your research
best wishes
3 years ago
Carol Martens hi Karen - would love to join your tree it seems as if we have a lot of common ancestors - especially on the Martens side amongst others - thank you so much
3 years ago
Karen Langfield Hi Carol- if you inbox me your email I'll send you an invite x
3 years ago
Denise Vos Hi Karen it seems we have same family on both our tree.I would love to hear from you, and to join your family tree. Regards Denise.
3 years ago
Karen Langfield Hi Denise- if you send me your email address I'll add you to the site
3 years ago
H Buys Karen,

I am interested in the information that you appear to have on your site regarding Barend Jacobus Pienaar Born October 28, 1817.

He is my third great grandfather. My genealogy info is located on the Genie website and there was a recent "SmartMatch" made indicating that info regarding Barend Jacobus Pienaar are also provided on your website.

I am particularly interested in the picture it seems you have of him.

Hope you can help me.

Hansie Buys (
2 years ago
Denise Vos Hi Karen, sorry for taking so long, but I am a dom granny at the pc. Just found my way today. My email is Please keep in touch. Denise.
2 years ago
Eddie Otte Karen,

Please contact me on
one year ago
Mary Anne McNamee Hello Karen, I am a Site manager on Ross Jackson site and there are 108 smart matches with your tree. Clark, Heke, Hawkes, Rice, Hawkins, Menear, Habens, Hubsdell, Embling, Goodman etc How are you connected to these folk? My email is mary_anne_clark
336 days ago
Mary Anne McNamee Please respond!!!
320 days ago
Mary Anne McNamee would like to hear from you
317 days ago
Mary Anne McNamee still would like to hear from you
304 days ago
Mary Anne McNamee HELLO????????
269 days ago
Mary Anne McNamee ARE YOU THERE??
210 days ago
Charmaine Ronelle Rostoll Hi Karen,I have noted a number of smart matches , but have not confirmed as there are birth dates that vary and particularly the ones for Dirk Benadie. He appears in a number of sites and together we may be able to clarify and bring about accuracy within all our trees. Please allow me membership to your family sites and it will enable help me in this. Thak you. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Chamraine Miles (nee Rostoll).
40 days ago