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Tom Jose Kallarackal

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Joji Mathew Kallarackal Dear Tom,
You have done a wonderful job in keeping our heritage live via this website & thanks a lot for the pain you had taken for that .Are you son of Ousepachayen or Chacochayen .
Hope you know me .I am Joji --Uppapee's son .
Can you change my kids name to Rohith Joji Mathew (Robit now) & Andrew Joji (Now Andapeen) .
One suggestion --- Most of our family members does'nt know about this web site .I came to know about this when I got a B'Day greeting from one family member via this site.
By any means can you send to all the persons in this site with e-mail address --information oabout this site.
Also, ask Kudumbayogam (Our family get together in Kerala) convener's to inform about this site also to all ,when they send family gathering invitation via post .
This will help more people to get connected.
Keep up your good work & we really appreciate your efforts .
7 years ago
Joji Mathew Kallarackal Dear Thomas,
Not able to view photos which are saved in the photo album.
Is there any specific reason for that .
6 years ago
Rosamma Kallarackal Hi Tom,
Your are doing a great job. Keep up your good work. I am proud of your hard work
Chittamma ( Rosamma Kallarackal) USA
6 years ago
Joji Mathew Kallarackal Hi Tom,
Hope u r keeping fine .Can we link heritage to facebook accounts & see all updates there ,if u choose so .If so better !!
4 years ago