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Mary George Hey I am looking for William Scott,My Father, my sisters Fawn, Marnie, Patricia Trinket, and my brother William Scott JR. DJ (Duke Junior) This is Mary your sister. I have contacted Fawn, Marnie and spoken with Sherry Scott, Duke's XXX wife.Contact me at
7 years ago
Jeff Scott Ima. Sorry I haven't been on the site for a while. I unfortunately do not think that this Scott Tree is the right one. But I would be willing to send you what we have to you. I am 41 and My dads name is Archie and His brothers name is Earl. Interesting though we go back to 1750 something and John Scott Sr. is from Glascow Scottland. I will be sending you something shortly. Let me know if you have any more questions.

7 years ago
Mary George Hi Jeff Mary here. My grandfather was a Scott from Scotland. I don't know if he had brothers or sisters.My grandfather's name was Floyd. My dad's brothers were Daniel, Floyd and a sister named Frankie Doreen. Go ahead and send the info who knows maybe there is a connection there. My dad lived in Missouri, Kansas City that is. Some of the family does live in California, Oklahoma and Texas for sure. My dad who is William Scott lives in Azle Texas married to a woman named Debbie now. I guess that her dad is a senator for that region. ttyl and you can add me to your yahoo messenger if you have one if you do not then go to the yahoo messenger site and download it okay. Thanks so much.
7 years ago
Mary George Oh and yes I have lots o questions lol. :)
7 years ago
Mary George I am 46 born in California. That is where my dad met my mom.
7 years ago
Mary George My grandfather was Anthony Joseph Angelico. My grandmother was Rosina Maria Marrapese. They got married in Rochester, N.Y., in 1933. My gram was known as Rose Marie Angelico. They moved to Compton, California. They had 3 children Anthony Joseph Angelico, Robert Angelico and Kathleen Rose Angelico/Meinert, born January 27th, 1943, she married William Scott born February 19th, 1940 in Kansas City Missouri. I was born Maryrose Scott, Marych 15th, 1962 in Lynwood, California, baptized at St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church. My grandfather died May of 1965, from tuberculosis and pulmonary problems. We relocated to Rochester, NY, sometime after he passed. My mother Kathleen Rose Angelico/Meinert died of lung cancer, April 12th, 2008. She also had another child Daniel Allen Collins, he was born November 19th, 1963, his father was from Georgia. His last name was Collins.
5 years ago
Mary George Welcome to my site! Come take a look!
Surnames listed:
Scott,Barnes, Angelico, Schramm, Sichterman, George, Angelicchio, Angelo, Marrapese, Nasuti and many more.
I have other sites listed as well, family sites as well as music sites.
Maryrose Scott-George
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