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Julie Sorenson Wonderful to get more info from your site. There is a clear connection between our family trees. All the best, let's email when you can.
Julie (Stillwell) Sorenson, Moorhead, Minnesota
7 years ago
TB Good to connect with you, cousin! :-)
7 years ago
Karan Folsom Tim,
I added you as a member to my site. My only caution to you is that as far back as our common ancestor is I do not have any confirming outside evidence for the connection i.e. no records of any kind and I probably got the info from the Ancestry File at the LDS church, which as we all know can be unreliable. Most of my lines I have confirmed up to 1850 through census records, but after that it's pretty much just a guess. Happy hunting.
7 years ago
TB I know what you mean - I've had to re-research a number
of links after at first (naively) accepting them at face value.
7 years ago
Dwayne Bair Sir, need help on research of family, I have Sarah Crouch as my 7 generation grandmother. But all I have is Crouch for a fathers name and Snelling for a Mother name, no first names.Thank you Dwayne
6 years ago
Claudia Lou Stone My father, Lawrence Herbert Stone, son of Alfred Ward Stone was married only once to Ethel Cecilia Smock. They were married in 1927 and were still married when he passed away in 1955. Let me know if you can give me any different information. Thank you.
5 years ago
William Vogler My Information comes from the Yaw-Yeaw-Yae in America Book I have the 1970 addition
2 years ago