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Marlene McCaughey

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Michael Hewitt Jr. Hello Maggie My name is Michael Im not sure but I think we have some Realation. My grand Farthers name was Leroy and his gret grand farther was Ezra.
6 years ago
Marlene McCaughey Hello Michael,
Thank you for your response. Where was your grandfather born? Our great great grandfather, Ezra Bates Hewitt lived in New Hampton, Iowa. His wife was Mary Ann Closson Hewitt. I would be interested to know if there is a connection. Ezra and Mary Ann had 6 children that I know of and two who died in infancy. Names were: Laura, William, Lorena Amy, Edward, John, Alvina. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Your father could be a descendant of one of the boys of the family. I will check my records to see if there is a Leroy. Perhaps you could give me a little more information about where your grandfather came from, etc. to see if there is some connection. Thank you. Marlene
6 years ago