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William R. Billotte

Joined:August 16 2008 (7 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Billotte, Jannot, Douglass; Lloyd, Mignot, Nagle
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William R. Billotte U am a grandson of William Francis Billotte and Mary Helen Jannot on my Father's side-a grandson of Stanley Oren Douglass and Nora Elsie Lloyd on my Mother's side. I was born and raised in Clearfield County, Pa. Presently, I am retired and living near Galveston, Tx. 35 miles SE of Houston.Although I have been gathering cata since 1988, I just got my 1st computer this past year and have just taken my research online this year.
7 years ago
Sylvia Hott Sonneborn Hi,
I am a direct descendant of Phillip and Anna C. Bruch Krise/Kreis. My mother was Elizabeth Krise of Johnstown, PA. My husband is a descendant of Irene Plubell of Frenchville, and he has your grandpaprents in his family history with tons of stuff on Mary Helen Jannot. Please contact us. Jack and Sylvia Sonneborn and
7 years ago
Sylvia Hott Sonneborn Do you have any information on Phillip's father Martin Kreis?
7 years ago
William R. Billotte Dear Distant relatives, We are still cleaning up from Hurricane Ike. I live 10 miles from Galveston, Tx. I am a "little out of the poocket" now;but I am sending you invitations to some of my databases. Feel free to correct, contribute etc. **data concerning Laurent Billotte has contradictions and errors as I manipulated facts in attempt to find his ancestors. After years of research, I have estabished tha his wife was a LaMotte and not a Coudriet and That he is not a Billotte but rather his ancestors were Belot ;Bellot, and Finally BOILLOT!
7 years ago
Sharon Parks Bill, what is your Clearfield connection? My mother was born and raised in Clearfield and has many, many relatives there.

7 years ago
William R. Billotte I was born and rraised in Clearfield County and the majority of my relatives still live there.I left there in 1965 when I left for College. Since 1965 I have lived in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina , Indiana, and now Texas.
7 years ago
karla chittester Where is thwe Chittister connection to your family/
7 years ago
Krissy Hi. Your name popped up under Smart Matches with a similar name of Leur Jacobsen van Kuykendall. I'm a descendant of his son Cornelius van Kuykendall. I'm wondering what your connection is? The oldest ancestor I have found is Luur van Kuykendall c. 1590. I was wondering if we could share some info? Would I be able to view your family tree?
7 years ago
Jacky Mairesse Bonsoir William,
Je vous prie de mexcuser, avec beaucoup de retard j'ai oublié de vous remercier pour avoir approuver ma requête au mois de janvier 2009.
Mon profil: Je suis né à Vitry le François dans la Marne (la Champagne), dans ce département j'ai habité pendant ma jeunesse dans une petite ville qui se trouve à 40 km de Bar le Duc (Meuse), dans cette dernière j'y ai travaillé et demeuré pendant 3 ans. Depuis quatorze ans j' habite la Bretagne où je suis en retraite de la Fonction Pubique depuis huit ans.
J'adore les recherches en Généalogie (les familes), histoire des deux guerres 14-18 et 39-45.
Quand j'étais plus jeune, je me promenai beaucoup en vélo et effectuai aussi de grande marche à pied (entre 20 et 25 km).

Mon père et ses ascendants sont du Nord (59), ma mère est née à Paris ainsi que son père et le reste des ascendants (Mariniers) dans le Loiret (45) et Loire (42).
Je ne lis et ne parle pas l'Anglais, mais seulement le Français.
C'est mon fils qui a traduit votre message, il maîtrise très bien l'Anglais.
Au plaisir de vous lire.
6 years ago
stephanie twoey (pollick) Hello. I am from Clearfield County (Osceola Mills) and I was wondering how you were related to the Twoey's. Such as James, Douglas, Iva Jean, etc. That is my husband's family. His parents and grandparents. I also want to let you know that Iva Jean didn't die in 2006, she is still alive. If you could get back about how you are related my email is Thank you.
6 years ago
Adrienne Von Behren Hi, you had poped as relation when I entered Phillip Coffel and Cheryl Zumbrunnen. I was wondering how you are related
6 years ago
Unknown I'm not sure how we're related I can only see so much from comparing trees but I'm the granddaughter of Lloyd Olson and Leona Brogdon.
6 years ago
Benjamin Zubak I have a Shugarts connection, and I was wondering how far that connection goes. I can invite you to my database to check it out.
5 years ago
brian parker I am a grandson to Sidney Parish and Freda Stine and would love to add some more names to my tree and share my tree with you. Just wondering if I would be able to view your tree and see how far back I can trace my family history.
5 years ago
Deborah Fields Hello Bill I had a question when you did your blood work to determine your line of blood..the question is .My 2nd cousin knew this man as her Father but on her sisters death bed she said he wasn't her nor her twin Brothers Father..she was wondering if since the male determines it can it be tested to find out if this man they called their Father was a direct desendant if he is dead ?? I know I am trying to help her out.Hope your doing great down there was beautful day today ..Happy Holidays Debbie
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma HI there

I've been working on my family tree aand have a bit of confusion. I am hoping to be able to join your family tree and clear up a few things on my end.

5 years ago
Deborah Fields Hello Effie leck still has Grandsons Donald and Charles still alive in Pa and I have spoke to them .
4 years ago
William Broad Hello Bill, my name is Bill Broad and I noticed you have William and his eife Edna listed on your site. How are you related to the Broad family? Email me at
4 years ago
Arie timmermans William, Maria Risseeuw is born in The Netherlands!
Arie Timmermans.
one year ago
Arie timmermans Maria Risseeuw 1780-1859 A.T
one year ago
Deborah Fields Hello how are you doing ? I have been doing a other of research in ancestry and it is still like a brick wall when it comes to Jacb Fields parents.I have found a lot of death certificates but amazing how hard things are to find.Are you still living in TX. .Wishing you the best
175 days ago