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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Ullebø/Vattekar/Hovden/Vadheim/Daae/Dyrnesli/Wergeland
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Craig Larson Hello,
It looks like we have a connection between our family trees. Lasse Anderssen Vadheim, born 1752, and Pernille Gunderdatter Løbø, born 1762, are in both of our trees. I'm descended from their daughter Britha, born 1791.
Craig Larson
5 years ago
Asbjørn Tore Ullebø Hello Craig!Thanks for your mail.It very interesting to hear from other countries,especially from USA,where much info is lost.I am related to ; Lasse Anderson Vadheim(1752-1818)and Pernille Gunnarsdtr Løbø (1861-1882)in 5 steps,and to their daughter Brita in 4 steps.I guess 1 step is one generation.The following emigrated to USA; 1)Ingeborg Gunnarsdtr Løbø,born 1823/Lasse Gunnarson Søreide,born 1818. 2) Ragnhild Bergedtr Austrheim,born 1882/ Jens Torsteinson Stronda,born 1873. 3) Bertel Bergeson Austrheim,born 1875/no wife mentioned.
This is all for now.Please let me know if you have received my message.If want more info-contact me.I can go 400 years back in thi county.Regards Asbjørn.
5 years ago