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Sandra Crossan

Joined:June 4 2008 (7 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Crossan, Duus, Kjargaard, McClelland, Hass, Rosenberger, Ballin, Pioch, Siebenhausen, Mauch, Schmidt,
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MERRILLIE WHITTAKER Hello Sandra, I am on holidays in Austria, I am late answering your request, Merrilliewhittaker.
2 years ago
Suzanne O'Hara (Jackson) tried to add you but couldnt
one year ago
Sandra Crossan Not sure why, but we are away overseas until mid November and I haven't been checking on my matches etc. Will check over the next couple of days.
Cheers Sandra
one year ago
Gail Baguley Hi Sandra, I see you are researching the Mauch family, are they from the Warwick district in Queensland. My maternal grandfather was Michael Raabe who married Hanoria Wittmann.
I noticed Wiegand Raabe's wife you have the maiden and surname mixed around,....regards gail
309 days ago
Sandra Crossan Hi Gail - yes our Mauchs are the ones who came to the Warwick - Swanfels area. However, the Raabes are actually connected through the Ballin family. The Mauchs are on my husband's mother's side, the Ballins on his father's.The connection is via Wiegand Raabe, whose daughter Emilie married Albert Ballin. Wiegand's brother Carl Vivian is your Michael's father. We most likely have a connection to the Raabes in Germany, as they came from the Munchhausen area (Simtshausen is close to Munchhausen), where our Althaus family came from.
I list women with their maiden name rather than their married name.
A tangled web indeed!!
309 days ago