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Jason Fisher I have different information for george Hoekstra and Ida (Eijtje) Vanferzee Hoekstra. Please email me at
Jason Herman Fisher
7 years ago
william Brott jason, I don't hae any information about Ida Eitje Vanderzee parents, if you do I like to look it over, I don't have that spellng either for vanfezee either. I not sure if she even related the Vandezee line at this time.

email at
7 years ago
Nicole Turley Sure! Thanks a lot!

7 years ago
cathy walters Wm,How did you get a crown ? Please let me know the meaning-noticed others w/ it too. How have things been going ?
6 years ago
william Brott I not sure myself, I just updated this website membership tp Premium. I have some many name on there that I told them If I wasn't able to sign in to this site, I was going to request that they pull the plug.
6 years ago
cathy walters They keep yelping one minute I've got so much left and the next need to up grade-if I don't the amount they will allow for free is about 1/2 my tree I'll loose. Those who got tree's free should be able to keep and them that new know the smaller-but don't know what to do.If you up graded and they keep yelping for more-guess they are doing it to us all ! I have to keep free-no income.
6 years ago
Mary Laursen Hi William, I believe you are one of my first cousins. I am Mary Ann Mack. Art and Jane Mack's youngest daughter.
Carol J. Mack, James A. Mack and Linda Lee Mack are my siblings.
It is nice to know there are family members to chat with.
I am so sorry to here about Aunt Martha's passing. I wish the family well with my hopes and prayers.
Mary Ann
5 years ago
Mary Laursen Bill, check out my tree, I have change some photos around to match the family members. I think you will recogonize some.
5 years ago
Carolynn McCully Elda Richardson (born Wemp) It is possible that it is a match as the birth date is the same. Unfortunately I do not know where my mother's aunt Elda originated from.
4 years ago