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Kathy Schanuth

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jane thomas Love Ya Kathy!
7 years ago
Jrt Who is Jane Thomas ? Who's Kathy ?
Are you from US ?
7 years ago
Kathy Schanuth Who are you jrt rojalin? How did you get on this thread?
7 years ago
Jrt I am webmaster of us familiytree 'Myheritage'. Normaly there are only familie on this site. But now I see there the name 'jane thomas US and kathy scganuth US' on us site.
I do'nt now who they are. How do they came on us site?
I see there is a other site 'Waeltermann web site' The 'link' ?!
7 years ago
Kathy Schanuth We are members of the Waeltermann website. I am the webmaster of this site (Kathy). I think I probably came across your site while researching a family member. I did not find a connection.
7 years ago