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Megan Phelps Dear Louise

Still workiing out how to use the site. I'm intrigued to see you have Belgian ancestry, including a mayor of Huy. My eldest daughter is currently a Rotary exchange student about 40 km west in Verviers. We visited her in July but didn't go close to Huy. My mother-in-law is French and we have lived for a total of three years in France. My french is OK so if you wanted any help with documents in french I'd be delighted to give you a hand. It would be good for me French. Unless of course you don't need any help!

Bye for now

7 years ago
Louise McGowan Hi Meg,
My French consists of words I've heard on the TV but Rhys's wife is Belgian (but from Brussels). Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get any documents about the De Prealle's and if I google the name it all comes in French so I can't work out what is going on. All the Gedye side of the family was researched by Nicholas Gedye in the early 1990's (I don't know where he fits in) and I found it on the internet. I would love to find some confirmation though as I've seen quite a few mistakes on the LDS family search site where a lot of the details I have came from.
They have some horrendous errors. I was researching my husbands family and was using the LDS website and Scotland's People together and found that LDS had the wrong father for someone who was born 10 years before the supposed father!
It is a really useful website but I do try and check the info.
If you are really bored and feel like searching for the De Prealle's I'd be forever grateful.
7 years ago