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Linda Holstine

Joined:April 12 2008 (8 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Hull,Stacy.Newell,Presley, Long, Meecham, Le Bohun. le Bon, Bone, Holstine
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Barbara Hull Hi, my name is Barbara Hull,I would be interested to know about connections to Hull family,my Father was Donald L. Hull, Mother was Dollie E. (Stroup) Hull. The name Holstine hasn't come up in any family history. Thanks
7 years ago
Linda Holstine That's because it is on my husbands side. My mother was a Hull. She was a daughter of Charley Hull and had 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
7 years ago
Kerri Rosson Hello how are you connected to my family tree?
5 years ago
Linda Holstine I probably won't be much longer. Aria Rosson married my grandson Carl Tackitt last year and she is getting a divorce.
5 years ago
Paul Lingerfelt Had to reject submissions . Based on info given, you must have come from a separate set of Kiser ancestors
3 years ago
Linda Holstine Thanks, Paul, I appreciate your info. I have been working on smart matches for at least 5 hours a day for over a week. I try not to let them get by, but somtimes they do. I'll try to be more careful in the future.
3 years ago
Sandra Conway Now are you connected to the Conway, Bedwell, Higens, Cureton or Palmer families?
3 years ago
Linda Holstine Sandra, There are Palmers in my family tree starting in the 1830's. Go ahead and see if any belong to you.
3 years ago
Robyn Aulmann Dear Linda , thanks for your email. I am ready to delete My heritage from my Genealogy? I have had enough. Wish I could find a way to export copy of my work that everyone seems to have copied and altered.
If I have people that are on my tree that are yours please contact me on my Email, robynja1144@ it appears safer
Thanks Robyn
2 years ago
sylvia noble Dear Linda, thanks for giving me access to your tree. I have now done the same for you. I'm not sure where we are connected yet. My tree has 12,763 people in it so it's easy to loose the thread! My main family names are Noble, Knight, Martin, Trimmings, Kemp, Bartlett, Durrant and Mansfield. However, on my mother's side the Power family are connected to the Trimmings and they go right back ...... Look forward to hearing from you. My Email is

Regards, Sylvia
2 years ago
Doris Simmons Linda can you tell me where are trees link, I it on my Fathers or Mothers side I 'me not having to much luck hope you can help Thanks Doris
2 years ago
Linda Myers Linda, we have interesting matches in our family trees. The Cock family is on my mother's side, 9 generations ago. All the rest of the last names are on my father's side! Did a Cock intermarry with the Kentucky folks?
2 years ago
Mary Wallace Hello, Linda. I was curious as to how you are related to the McKinney family?
one year ago
Russell E.Pate Jr Thanks Linda, For over 1000 matches to my family tree.
I have been searching mainly on my maternal Grandmothers family ancestors and relatives.
I discovered through research that my Father was raised and cared for by his Grandmother Nota Myrtle Phillips (Cline) from an infant until he was 17yrs old when she passed away in 1941. Just before WWII started.
One year later he was in the U S Army in basic training camp in Texas and later at FT. Rucker, Alabama training for Combat Medic and Ambulance Driver. Fortunately for me, He returned without an injury and married my Mother.
Counting my Blessing.
Sincerely, Russell Pate Jr.
336 days ago
sue defoor Hi, excited to see someone who has my Great Great Grandfather William McConnell and his wife Mary Clendenning, How are you connected and would you happen to have any family photos, as I only have photos of my grandfather Frederick Warren McConnell but none of his parents, siblings, or his grandparents. My personal email is
I am researching an compiling an ancestry binder for my kids. I have lots of information from my Grandfather on down, but very little further back.
Hope to hear from you.. My dad was also William (Bertrand) McConnell.

Sue McConnell Defoor
114 days ago
Linda Holstine Hi Sue,

I need dates in order to get the right person in my tree. When was your great great grandfather born? Also my email says your yahoo address is invalid so unless I am doing something wrong, I can't just e-mail you on Yahoo.

114 days ago