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James Donohoe Hi Dianne

Sandra's husband Jim here. I have been working on the Gailey and Calvert lines for many years. I have the Gailey line back to the 17th Century, provably. They were from Herefordshire. Generically, I have them traced to Scotland in the 16th Century where the first of the line was (Gailey) (as pronounced) Gunn.The Gunns were a family of both Picti and Viking (via Orkneys) origin. The Gailey Gunn family is on the Internet. They are a Clan and do have their own Tartan.

I have the Calvert strictly male line back to about 1790.

I thought that I had the Hackett-Calvert Line back many centuries but I found the grave of a 7 year old boy who was the only link to the line. I do have the Hacketts back to 1800.

I had been working on the myth that Anne Hackett Calvert (Gailey) descended from the Lord who murdered his Butler and was hanged by a silken cord. This person was Lawrence Shirley, 7th Earl Ferrers. The victim was his Steward (Accountant-Estate Manager) I have worked through his family. He had four daughters. One did not marry, one other did not have children, the third one had a child but that child had no children. The fourth had a child and a grandchild. Thus this Earl had only one grandchild who had issue and I can't link that child to the Hacketts.

The Hacketts though lived next door to the Earl. It seems that Anne Hackett Calvert's grandparents were Robert Hackett and Anne (?) Archer. Robert was baptised in Earl Ferrers' Chapel along with a brother, William, later. Only the Earl's children's baptisms were otherwise recorded similarly.

This Hackett family came across with the Conquerer who gave them the land at Ashby at the same time as the Earl's family. Anne descended from Sampson Hackett, a noted London Juror of the late 17th Century. I have located his grave. However, I can't find which of his children was our Anne's grandparent. I suspect that this is the link to the Earls Ferrers and that the myth cites that Earl's uncle. I suspect that Robert's father was the 9th Earl and that his mother was a Miss Hackett, daughter or grand daughter of Sampson Hackett.

Proof that Anne Hackett Calvert-Gailey was linked was found in her mother's record in the 1881 Census of England on the Internet -IGI Anne Calvert (Angel Family Yorkshire). She cited Ashby as her birth place and her birth year matches a date and age cited on her needle work that Sandra's father once had (It faded and rotted).

Information passed around the family may still have elements of correctness. I am totally convinced that the Calverts do link to the Calverts of Glossop Hall, Derbyshire. The gift from the Duke of Norfolk is sufficient proof. He employed that Calvert family!


Jim Donohoe
4 years ago