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Jim Amberman Monsieur Lupien,

Je parle tres peu Francaise. Parlez vous Anglais? I cannot understand your message. Thank you (Merci)
6 years ago
Natalie Fuller Rene, One of the Lupien's is my nephew. His e-mail address is He is the son of Alphonso Lupien, the son of Leo Lupien. Please contact his wife Adria as she is doing the Lupien side of the family and I am sure she would love to be able to access your web site.
5 years ago
Adria Lupien My husband's father was Edward Alphonse Lupien born 1942 in Essex County, Massachusettes. His father was Leo Adelard Lupien born 1918 also in Massachusettes. Leo's wife was Josephine Castellano. Leo Adelard's father was Alphonse Phillip Lupien born in 1886 in Canada. He came to the USA in 1892. He married Rose Alma Latullippe in 1904 in Essex County, Massachusettes. Rosa Alma died in 1921. Alphonse Phillip remarried Josephine Pendergrast in 1923. I believe that Alphonse Phillip's father was Phillip born in Quebec but I'm not sure. I believe that Alphonse Phillip had a brother named Arthur and a sister named Minnie...but again I am not sure. I've looked at your tree and I am unsure if we have a connection. I will let you know if I find anything.
Thank you!
Adria Lupien
5 years ago
René Lupien My feeling is that Philippe and Arthur are the sons of Jules Eusebe Lupien and Victoria Gagnon. a very large familly (19 children):.A Daughter Lea (born in 1889 died in 1967 in Windsor, QC and was married to Calixte Morissette..A son Azade born in 1890 married Rose-Anne Labrecque in Winsor, QC.
Other children Amanda born in 1891; Philippe born in 1892 (Could it be le link?) Joseph Born in 1895 married Rosanna Sansoucy; Napoleon born in 1897 married Florida Charland in Richmond, Qc and died in 1984 in Holyoka, Mass and they had many descendants in USA; Maria born in 1898 married Eugene V Carpentier and died in 1958 in Worchester, Mass;; Aurise born in 1899 married Napoleon Maurice and died 1923; Leona born in 1905 married Azari Aroldi and died in 199 in Connecticutt; George Emile born in 1907 married Yvonne Talbot in Epering Mass amd died in 1993 in Miami, Florida;

Look at nthe possibility and keep me posted.

All Lupien have the same common Ancestor, Nicolas Baron dit Lupien who came from Champagne, France in 1649 to Canada (Boucherville).

René Lupien
5 years ago
René Lupien One of the brothers of Jules Eusebe moved to Rhodes Island in 1912 he was married to Celina Geaudet and they had 14 children one Philippe and one Arthur! between 1880-1911.. Members of these family are founfin Holyoke, Mass

I think we are looking in the good direction!
Rene Lupien
5 years ago
Adria Lupien I have Phillip Lupien married Josephine Beaudry and she died before 1943...I have 3 children for them Alphonse (married RoseAlma in 1904 Mass), Arthur and Minnie(married a Prue). I have no dates for Phillip or Josephine other than she died before 1943. I will keep searching and see if I can find anything on Arthur and Minnie! Maybe that will tell us something!
5 years ago
René Lupien Thank you. I will keep loking . . .

René Lupien
5 years ago
Stella Morrissette Where does my x father in law have anything to do with the Lupien and my family tree is Morrissette
4 years ago
Francine Dumas Bonjour, mon conjoint est Denis Lupien fils d'Edmond Lupien. Mon beau-père avait un frère du nom de Paul. semblerait que grand-père Lupien se serait marié à quelques reprises, mais je n'ai pas beaucoup de détails pour pouvoir remonter jusqu'au premier arrivant au Canada. si vous pouvez m'éclairer j'aprécierais. Merci à l'avance.
2 years ago
louisette lupien louisette lupien fille de Edmond Lupien et petite fille de Joseph lupien et ma grand mère une dionne.j'aimerais en savoir un peu plus
2 years ago