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sandra maria flores Owner, looks a little like you Rudy, but just a tad too white! I do want you to know that you are the first male child born to our Mom Amalia, and this does deserve honorable recognition. You are a sensitive man, that is in tuned with his heart and loves family very much. I want to apoligize respectively for not being as sensitive as you are about your Dad Severo Rojas, I want to let you know that I have been acting in a different perspective towards his memory, and I am wrong. Instead, I should appreciate the outstanding facts that he was here for me, as I was a child of five or six when he came into our lives. You were a mere child of about 2 or 2 1/2. Yet he was there for us, Me, Jany, Richard and you. He and Mom separated seriously when I was 20 yrs. old, and of course the rest, his children were all still little. As in all family separatiolns/divorces there is a monument of pain involved for all parties. I am sorry that he and Mom could not make it together. Mom, still has a very special place in her heart for him, and I admit too, I do too. Afterall, he was the only Dad I had, and he was good to all of us. Bless you my dearest brother Rudy, I have always admired you, and found you to be very intelligent, beyond your own acknowledgement. You just don't realized your intellect and your potential. I am proud of you and how you manage to take care of your family with gentleness and caring that is lacking in so many homes today. Keep your chin up, you are special and so loved. Ilove you Rudy, mi carnal.
5 years ago
Owner flores thankyou sis coming from you that means a lot.. i know that to some of our brothers he did us very wrong but in my mind and heart he deserves more credit for the good things he did. he is part of the reason i am the man i am today. for better or for worst he was my dad and i miss him terribly. you above anyone else knows that it is because him and mom that we learned to be a familly, that we learned to treat each other with respect and honor that we came to know the lord jesus christ as our personal savior. i remember being baptized in water the same day he was in that big white people's church when i was 8 years old
5 years ago