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Brian Sharp Morie family
My great grand father is Isac A. Morie. He and his wife Dorthula  are burried next to my grand parents Murphy and Mary Fox in Shady grove cemetery in Knoxville TN. I am searching for more information on Isac and dorthula and there liniage. Any info no mater how small will be apriciated.Thank
8 years ago
Brian Sharp Rodgers family.
My grand mother was born Stella Marie rodgers. Then married a Sharp And then married a whittacre.Her first marrage was with my grand father Carol Carl Sharp and they had six children. The first was Irving. The second was paul. The third was Arthur. The fourth was martha. The fith was my Father Donald. And the sixthe was Walter.She was born aprox 1900 and died 1990 ish in Mt. Vernon Ky.Any info nomater how small will apriciated. I'm interested in finding her burrial site and about her liniage.Thanks.
8 years ago
Brian Sharp Husky Family
Looking for info on a Dedrick Husky possily from the knoxville tennessee area. I'm not sure if he was a boyfriend or a husband of my aunt Hellen Fox. They had a child by the name of Glenn that goes by the name of Glenn Baker. Not sure he legaly changed the last name.Helen would be in her late 80's early 90's now. She pased away about 25 years ago. Glen would be about 55-60 now.Any info on any of the three would be
8 years ago
jessica robinson Morie family
Where does your family come from? Mine is originally from Scotland on the morie side.  My grandfater was Robert Pentland Morie, the Pentland being his mothers maiden name.  I don't know if any of them were from tn, but it isn't a very common name, so maybe.  His parents settled in RI and then he moved to fl.
8 years ago
Brian Sharp Sharp family
Up date!I found Carroll Cleavland Sharp.My Grand Father.He's burried in Shilo Cemetery in dayton ohio.He died in 1966 at miami valey hospital of pnewmonia as a complication to lung cancer.He was married to a woman named Gladys which I know nothing about but would like to.His parents names were John Sharp. And Mini Jones Sharp. I am also very interested in finding out more about these two and the where abouts of there graves and anything else I can findout about them no mater how small.Thank you for your time.Brian 
8 years ago
Brian Sharp Morie family
I  am not ignoring you.This is the abiss I am  currently trying to sort ou. My great grand father is isac morie maybe spelled moree and my grand mother is dorthula. luck!.Let me know what you find out.Brian Sharp.abbrico1@yahoo.comPs. Sorry for the delayed response i wasnt sure what to tell you.
8 years ago
Brian Sharp Morie family
Were you able to put any links between your family and mine on the morrie side?Brian.
7 years ago