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Sándor Tóth Lendvahosszúfalu, Mikekarácsonyfa exist
4 years ago
Sándor Tóth Kog exist in Slovenia, 60km from Zalaegerszeg
4 years ago
maria speechly great, terrific, I feel grandfather Bacsi would be burried there, catholic? church records , thanks........we are detectives............mari
4 years ago
maria speechly hello sandor,

I found on cencus forms a town in zala megye 1800/1900 .ZSITKOCZ?? bye maria
4 years ago
Sándor Tóth Localities in the current Zala county:ória:Zala_megye_települései&pageuntil=Szijártóháza#mw-pagesória:Zala_megye_települései&pagefrom=Szijártóháza#mw-pages
4 years ago
Sándor Tóth Hi Mari! Success! Viialge Mikekarácsonyfa is Zala county in Hungary, Village Nova is in Zala county in Hunagry, Lendava is in current Szlovénia in old Hungary, Hosszú falu = Lendvahosszúfalu in old Hungary in current Slovenia. Current name is Dolga Vas. Dolga = Hosszú (long) Vas = Falu (village) . Village Zsitkóc (in old Hungary) is now in Slovenia, current name is Žitkovci. There are the villages:
4 years ago
maria speechly you and I are good detectives, reading all the old hungarian names is very hard for me................thanks mari...I will keep in for church records, Father Tibor was very sweet, he lives in Nova, saw him in 2004.......bye...mari
4 years ago