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Linda Shea Sorry Ted= They probably fixed it by the time you saw it. Your picture would come up on my Linda'sStanley/ taylorside & you as site manager- I was only a guest & couldn't so anything on it. But it had all my info on it = All my entry'sof my family tree- my welcome page with all my info but your pic & site manager- my photos etc- I thought when we joined each others sites as members that they screwed up something & somehow they did cuz it's fixed now ! & on my Linda'sTaylor side You would again come up as site manager & Jacqalyn? would also come up but it had all your pics info message & my name as a guest = so they had replaced all your hard work on my site & took mine away so I figured they probably gave you & Jackie mine Should be all good now- thanks Linda
5 years ago