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Jane Liedig

Joined:March 11 2008 (8 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Saville, Smith, Harding, Liedig,Rock,Fraser Byass

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Sandra Graefe I never new we had the same middle name

7 years ago
Jane Liedig Probably just the first of many things we will be able to find out...hope you can download and see everything ..have a good look then add to it please
Luv Jane
7 years ago
Janice Lesley Moule Hi Jane I tried all those things you asked, tree, reports, photos, calendar and face cloud. All worked a treat, if somewhat slowly, but then I don't have broadband, so expect that. Will forward some photos either straight onto the family tree, or if I can't work that out, will send them to you. Jan
7 years ago
Jane Liedig Thanks for that Jan , its hard to get feedback .Its easy to download photos off your computer if you do 3 or less at a time it takes about 10 mins to download then you can see them on the album and select options edit to tag them see directions .But Im happy even if you email them with info cheers Jxx
7 years ago
Michaela Jane Saville Hi Jane, how's it going ? you're new property sounds beautiful. Hey I noticed that Dad wasn't on the family tree, his birthday is the 30th of April and should be coming up in the notice ?? can we load him in please.
7 years ago
Jane Liedig Hi Michaela your Dad shows up in my version of the family tree ??? Luv Jane
7 years ago
Jane Liedig Oh yes but I dont have names for Craigs mum and Dad or birthdays I have them as Mr and Mrs x
7 years ago
Rob I knew Margory Smith as Auntie Joan. She was Vic's second marriage. She was in the RAF when I first met her in 1945. Vic was a sergeant in the Ulster Rifles and was severely wounded in the battle for Caen. I am Robert Graefe, Vic's only nephew. My father was his elder brother. I have been trying to trace, cousins, Stephan, Stuart & Sandra. The last address was One Tree Hill, South Australia. There is another family of "Graefe" in South Australia, they are in no way connected to our family.
4 years ago
Jane Liedig Well that's just fabulous Sandra and Stuart live not far from me and Stephen lives in Asia send me a few details on you and your family and names & pictures if you can too and your email address and I will put you in the tree that way you will be able to write to them. I am
4 years ago
George Anthony Saville Hi Jane. The latest photos you put on the page are great. You canvased us all about continuing the heritage page. It is great and now has so much history. It would be a pity if it did not continue, I am personaly so greatful that you have kept it going so long. So - for me I hope you continue with the heritage page.
3 years ago