Ran LevyChief R&D Officer
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Beginning of quote:Our R&D is all about solidarity. Give a hand, be a friend. We are all owners of the company's success. End of quote.
With over 18 years of experience in the technology industry as a developer and architect specializing in complex, large-scale systems, Ran is passionate about agile and efficient processes. Ran brings strong technical capabilities to MyHeritage, where he has worked to create a culture of “quality as a way of life” within the R&D department, empowering the teams to focus on execution without compromising quality.

Before becoming the VP R&D and later Chief R&D Officer, Ran led the Back-End team at MyHeritage for 4 years, defining the architecture for solving high-scalability challenges and enabling MyHeritage to handle tens of millions of users and billions of profiles and historical records. Prior to joining MyHeritage, Ran was a software architect in one of the business lines of the Nokia Siemens Network.

Ran holds a BA in computer science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo. His career in tech was inspired by his favorite hobby — coding — which he began at the age of 10, creating pre-internet era games.