Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing
What can a DNA test find?
Genetic testing allows you to understand your genes, the DNA instructions for your body, that you inherited from your parents. Over the last few years, DNA kits have become very popular, as the costs related to testing have dropped dramatically.

Are you interested in discovering more about your genealogy? Are you looking for blood relatives? DNA kits such as the MyHeritage DNA kit allow you to discover your ethnic breakdown and can match you with potentially unknown relatives.

One of the most fascinating, exciting, and potentially dramatic results of an ancestry-related DNA test is the ethnicity profile that your DNA provides. Discovering what makes you unique and the surprise of learning where you really come from is an empowering experience.

“Lineage testing can trace your ancestry back to real existing people who carried that particular DNA type throughout prehistory until today,” explains Peter Forster, a geneticist at the University of Cambridge in the UK.
What is genealogical testing?
In each region of the world, there is a unique set of genetic characteristics that are shared among the offspring of native populations. While different populations migrated from one region to another, research has shown that these sets of characteristics make each region distinct from the others, allowing us to establish a genetic model for each region of the world.

When discovering your ethnicity, you will find all regions of your ancestral origins, as well as the percentage of your DNA from each of these regions. Some global populations exhibit similar DNA, due to proximity and the mingling of populations. While this might complicate the interpretation of some DNA test results, together with the MyHeritage family tree platform, you are sure to get a clear picture of where you’re really from.
How can DNA testing help me find a relative?
As well as uncovering the ethnic and geographic origins of your ancestors, you may discover previously unknown relatives who share some of your DNA segments. With thousands of people taking DNA tests every week, now there is a greater chance of finding family than ever before. MyHeritage compares your results with the profiles of all MyHeritage DNA users, who have already tested their DNA. From the US, Australia, across Europe and Asia, families are connecting with each other for the first time ever, thanks for genetic testing.
What else can DNA tests tell us?
As well as DNA kits related to your ancestry, there are other products on the market that test your genes for health purposes. Some health kits allow for carrier screening to determine if a person is a carrier for a hereditary diseases or if a person has a genetic predisposition for a specific autosomal recessive diseases such as pregestational diabetes.

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