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Chickamauga Cherokee members and families
Kermit Manis
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The Indian Creek Tribe Chickamauga Cherokee are seeking the following members. Our Chief Bill Little Red Wolf Chance needs to have contact as soon as possible. Many wonderful things are happening in our Tribal Family. Please contact: Chief Chance: or

Adams, Alfred S.

Adams, Deborah Elaine (Green)

Adams, Idolene (Moore)

Adams, Ima Jo (Green)

Adams, Jenifer Elaine

Adams, John Foy

Adams, Lamarsha

Adams, Martha Joanne

Adams, Stephanie Jean

Adams, Wiliam Sermont

Baker, E. David, III

Baker, Elisha David, Jr.

Baker, Jennifer Marie,

Baker, Nellie Frances (Howard)

Baker, Shirley Carrie (Johnson)

Baker, William Gregory

Bartholf, Alice Kay

Bartholf, Clifford

Bartholf, David

Bartholf, Karen Green (Renfroe)

Bartholf, Lawrence

Bartholf, Michael Wayne

Bartholf, Richard

Bartholf, Rose Marie (Dion)

Bartholf, Tiffany

Bowling, Audra (Houston)

Bowling, Irma Leon

Bowling, Kimberly Nowel

Bowling, Mandy Louise (Houston)

Bowling, Paul Allen

Bowling, Paul Allen, Jr.

Bowling, Pearl (Sanders)

Brooks, James Gilman, Jr.

Brooks, James Gilman, Sr.

Brooks, Martha Janice (Green)

Brooks, Scarlet Sabrina

Brown, James Reese

Brown, Sophia Elizabeth (Halstead)

Bryan, Danny Ray

Bryan, Dimple (Renfroe)

Bryan, Harold Ray

Buie, Frank G.

Buie, Ruth (Johnson)

Burlison, Mary Ellen (McJohnston)

Burlison, Tebe

Butler, Hershel l William

Butler, Ola Odell (Lindsay)

Calub, Joanne (Chance)

Calub, Ronnie


Kermit Manis
Bluff City, TN
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