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looking for Aunt (?)
Kimberly Chancellor
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I am looking for a lady named Mary Chancellor(?). She is supposed to be the sister of my late Grandfather, William Dalton Franklin Chancellor. My Dad's name was Louis Franklin Chancellor. I was told Mary had me when I was a very small child, and I need to find her to find out the rest of the puzzle. I have been told so many stories about where I came from, that now I am confused. I need to find out if she is my great Aunt, or what relation she is to me. My Grandmother's Name was Laura Helen Mitchel-Chancellor, and I was adopted my my dad's twin sister,Lois Frances Chancellor-Shirley and her late husband,John William Shirley. Is there some way of checking to see what family members are in which family group without having to pay out the nose for the information? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Kimberly Chancellor
Sawyer, OK
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