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Kepezinskas, Karpavicius from Lithuania
Daiva Karpavičiūtė
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Looking for families Kepezinskas or Karpavicius .../Kepezinskiene, Kepezinskaite, Karpaviciene, Karpaviciute/. They mooved from Lithuania /Kaunas, Kampiskes and Leonavas/ in beginning of XIX century.
Daiva Karpavičiūtė
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RE: Kepezinskas, Karpavicius from Lithuania
Erik Saitta Karpavicius
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My name is Erik
I am looking for relatives with the surname Karpavicius
My great grandfather and great grandmother are from Kaunas and came to Brazil fleeing the war!
Do you know of families who came to Brazil?
If you want I speak the names of my great grandparents!
kisses kisses
thank you
Erik Saitta Karpavicius
praia grande, Brasil
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RE: Kepezinskas, Karpavicius from Lithuania [2]
Daiva Karpavičiūtė
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Hi Erik!

Greetings from Lithuania.

I am very greatful for your message. It interested me very much.

A lot of my ancestors are gone to America.. If you know their names, please write them to me. They might the same people I know about. Could there be some kind of letters? Maybe they exchanged letters with someone from Lithuania? Maybe you know their names?

My father is 85 years old, he remember plenty of things, maybe he will know some of the people that you will write about.

Do you perhaps have any old photos?

I am very excited to receive your answer.


P.S. My e-mail is daivkarp@gmail.com




Daiva Karpavičiūtė
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