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Mollie Cuthbertson
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My mother was born MollieCuthbertson on April 29, 1932 at Wellhouse (now Barnet General) Hospital, WellhouseLane, Barnet, England. She was fostered out when she was a baby and her birth was not registered. There were in 1955 records at the hospital of her birth. She used to mention two brothers, Ron and Len, but I am not sure if they were real brothers or foster brothers. Her father's name on her wedding certificate is listed as William John Cuthbertson (Deceased). She may have been fostered by a woman named Davies. I only knew her as Nanna. As we moved to Australia when I was a baby, I never knew her and as she and Mum have passed on, so I cannot ask either of them for anymore details. Would anyone know how I could get access to the records kept by the hospital or the agency handling the fostering?
Shy Lapras
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