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Need info on grandmother Marie Mertl (adopted Hempel) wed Smetana.
Carol Bromund
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Hello, I am trying to find my grandmothers natural parents as I am told she was adopted.  The name Mertl is on her death cert. as her maiden name, on the census records as Hempel her adopted name and she married a Vaclav (James americanized) Smetana born in 1875 in Bohemia and died in 1930 in Illinois.  As a girl she lived in Minnesota, as a married woman she lived in Illinois.  She was born in Bohemia in 1878 and I was told she came to the states in 1881, she died in 1938 in Illinois.  I can find a passenger list with her name on it in 1881 but cannot prove it is her, and cannot find any census records with those parents names, nor their obituaries in any state.  They did not die on board the ship... they just disappeared so I cannot prove or disprove this was her and her family.  Her childrens names were Rose, Mayme, James Jr., Ernest, Anne, Katherine and Blanche.  Her adoptive mothers name was Kate Matt who married Gottfried Hempel in 1881.  She had half brothers and a sister whose names were Anna, Ferdinand, Fredrick, Lawrence and Jack.  So if anyone is familiar with this, I would appreciate it if they would let me hear from them.  Thank you in advance for any information you may hopefully have for me.  Carol
Carol Bromund
Schaumburg, IL
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