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Looking for family Sarkisyan or Avdis
Viktoria Sarkisyan
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My name is Viktoria Sarkisyan. I am from Skopje, Macedonia. My grand grand father Ohanes Avdis is Armenian from Aksher, Turkey. My grand father  is  Sarkis Sarkisyan... I know that he had a family in Erevan, but thay now live in USA, I think that thay live in Los Angeles, I know the names of his cousins: Makrik, she was a doctor, and her sister Hripsime.

Pleace, visit my family tree and my family web site http://www.myheritage.rs/site-32393901/sarkisyan-macedonia-web-site , there are lot of pictures and maybe some of you can halp me to find relatives or some of you can recognize yourself.

Thanks a lot!
Viktoria Sarkisyan
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