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Looking for my family - Czerleniowski, Czerlenеwski, Черленевский
Катя Зайцева Zaytseva
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Looking for my family - Cherlenevsky (Cerlenevski, Czerleniowski, Czerlenеwski, Черленевский)

They can be either in Germany or in Poland, or may be somewhere else.

As I was told, the Cherlenevsky was Polish gentry. There was Nikolay Cherlenevsky, who had a wife Evpraksia (Евпраксия), they had 4 children, 1 daughter and 3 sons. They were Orest (Орест), Evgenij (Yujene, Евгений, Женя), Vadim (Вадим), Luda (Люда).

In the end of 19th century - beginning of 20th century parents sent brothers to Germany to study. Some of them got married there.

That's what I was told.

If you know anything about them, please let me know. Thank you.


Катя Зайцева Zaytseva
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