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Jeremiah Fisher, American Revolutionary Patriot
Suzanne Preston Chenoweth
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I need your help with a family genealogy project that I have undertaken. I am trying to find documentation that will help me establish the relationship between a father, Jeremiah Fisher, and his son, also named Jeremiah Fisher. I’m hoping that someone from one of these men’s descendants or descendents of their siblings may have some type of information that will prove the relationship of these two men. The information that I currently have is as follows: I believe that Jeremiah Fisher, Senior’s children were:* Jeremiah, * William, * Eleazer, * Harvey, * Lyman, * Mary Anne, * Sophia, * Elizabeth, and * Olive. I believe that Jeremiah Senior married Sabra when he was 40 years oldHe may also have had a first wife, however, I do not know her name. The detailed information that I have been able to find about Jeremiah Fisher Senior is as follows:He was born May 23, 1765 possibly in Connecticut. Military history includes:* Rank: Private, Wagoneer* 1780: His father (name not clearly established) was drafted to serve in Captain Couche’s Company of the Continental Troops. His father was unable to do this required duty, so Jeremiah took his place. He joined the army at the age of 15 and was mustered in at the town of Washington in Litchfield County, Connecticut. He served for a period of 2 months.* 1781: Enlisted in Colonel Willis’ Continental Troop in Connecticut and served 9 months.* 1781-1782: Enlisted as a Wagoneer for General Skidmore for one year.* 1782-1782: Enlisted under Captain Blakelee and Colonel Fletcher of Vermont and served for 9 months.* Jeremiah Senior served for a total of 32 months.* Sources for this information are:§ His Pension number: S*7270 of $80 per annum found in the Burlington Vermont Pensioners Roll and§ Daughters of the American Revolution #A050046 1782-1785: lived in Guilford, Vermont 1785-1795: lived in Orford, New Hampshire 1795 – 1802: lived in Charlestown, New Hampshire1804: lived in Northfield, Washington County, Vermont 1804: Marriage to Sabra Tubbs1816: was “warned out” of Milton, Chittenden County, Vermont1830: lived in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont1833: Jeremiah Senior was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Burlington Vermont1840: lived in Colchester, VermontDeath October 11, 1846 (source war records and Sabra’s pension application) The detailed information that I have been able to find about Jeremiah Fisher Junior is as follows:He was born May 24, 1815 possibly in Milton, Vermont Connecticut. 1840: lived with his first wife, Castina (Nearr) in Willsboro, Essex County, New York1850: lived in Sarnac, Clinton County, New York with his wife Castina 1853: Jeremiah’s wife Castina died while living in Illinois and she is buried there in the Johnson Grove Cemetery, De Kalb County, Illinois. 1860: lived in Clinton Township, DeKalb County, Illinois with his wife Elizabeth Erwin1870 and 1880: lived in Clinton Township, Illinois1900: lived in Township of Fox, Kendall County, Illinois with his son Adelbert Jeremiah FisherDeath November 21, 1900 while living with his son in Town of Armenia, Wisconsin. Because I have been unable to locate a birth certificate for Jeremiah Fisher, Junior, I cannot establish the link to his father, Jeremiah Fisher, Senior. If you have any documentation that would serve to establish this link, and you are willing to share it with me, I would sincerely appreciate your kindness. Sincerely,Suzanne Chenoweth
Suzanne Preston Chenoweth
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