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Seeking Newman family!!!
Cindy Newman
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i have been desperately searching for my family.

I don't know too much about my family because my father's father, Charles P. Newman died in an ice skating accident when my father was very liitle, I think he was around 2 years old when he died. So, I don't know my Newman side of the family.


I have met a few in the past, from reunions back in 1990, 1995. 

Some have the name of Kennedy...I have met some cousins with the same last name as me.

I'm desperate to find my real family!! Please, if you know anything!!


My grandfather was Charles P. Newman...son of Andrew Jackson Newman

Charles was married to Edith Marie Wilt until his death. They had a son (my father) Richard Charles Newman (he passed away in Feb 2001)

That's pretty much all I know right now.


I remember cousins like Eva Kennedy, but it was so long ago, everything is a blur!

Please help me find my fathers family!


Cindy Newman
Dover, Ohio
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