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Zachariah Averett 1769-1843
Sonnie Nelson
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I would like to find out more information on Zachariah Averett born 4 Nov 1769 Halifax Co., VA to the parents James and Elizabeth Averett, Sr.

Zachariah Averett first married Mary Polly Williams Tindall in 1792 in Elkins, Randolph Co., VA. Their children were:  Howard W. b: 24 Oct 1793 (my line); Matthew b: 25 JNov 1794; Jared b: 1797; Lucy Ann b: 1797; Johnson b: 25 Feb 1799; Weston Jones b: 24 Oct 1801; Sarah W. b: 14 Feb 1805; James T/J b: 1 Aug 1803;  Mahala ( Mashala) b: 8 Mar 1809 & Anderson Boyd b: 11 Sep 1812.

Zachariah second married Mary Ann Waltrip on 9 Mar 1813, and they had one vchild Madison b: 8 Mar 1818.

I am looking for stories of Zachariah's life and KY with the Waltrip family, and why in some of the censuses he's listed as Zachriah Waltrip with the birthdate of Zachariah Averett?  Zachariah was an ordained Baptist Minister and after leaving the church began his how Church of Christ in Clay County, MO. along with his son Howard who was also an ordained minister.  The last name AVERETT was changed to EVERETT  in 1822 by Howard and some of his siblings changed and some remained Averett's, Zachariah changed his to EVERETT.

Thank you in advance................Sonnie  retiredgophers@aol.com

Sonnie Nelson
Isanti, MN
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