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Looking for relatives: Family Dequina, Villanueva, Articona, Bagatila Drilon
Merlie Dequina Drilon Felger
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 Hi my name is Merlie I am looking for my mother and fathers relatives.

My father is Pedro Bagatila Drilon from Dumangas Ilo-Ilo he has brothers and sisters namely: Juan, Canuto, Sotero, Patricia, Rosa, Edelberta and the 2 others Mrs Jardin and Mrs Alampayan sory if i dont know their names.

My mother is Mercedita Articona Dequina from Victorias Neg.Occ  her parents are Domingo Villanueva Dequina and Lordisita Articona. My mother has brothers and sisters namely: Gabino, Morito, Peliciano, Melicio, Rolando, Ofelia and Lydia.

Hope to know our ancestors because we dont have any contact any one from my mothers relatives. Thank you and God Bless Us!

Merlie Dequina Drilon Felger
Palawan, Philippines
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