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Looking For Biological Father (and half siblings if any ).
Jessica Wilkinson
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I am turning 29 years next month on the 16th . i was born in pineville , La in 1980 . i have not seen my father sence i was a very young child (almost to young to remember). i am going to get married this year , and would love very much to have both of the people responsable for my life present for the happiest momment of my life. my father has missed out on so much of my life all ready. it would truely make my day to have him presnt on my big day ! i would also love to interduse him to the most importent people of my life . my now 6 year old son ,and my 8 month old daughter ,last but not the least the man i will soon be calling my husband . My Fathers name is David Rice  he used to live in Louiseville , LA . The only memory i have of him is the two of us sitting on  the back porch of my grandmothers(his mother)  home . Eatting tomamatos that we hand picked from her garden . if you know or think you know this person please contact me .   
Jessica Wilkinson
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