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David & Rebecca Gibson TN/VA
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Good Morning and a big HELP!!!!!. Being a complete novice at this, I have been trying to find information on part of my mothers family but am not good at this and dont really have a lot of money to spend but am curious about her family.

This is what I have so far: My mother: Janice Nadeen Wolfe nee Baker b 16 Nov 1938, Calvin, Lee County, Virginia. Still alive and living in Washington state.

Her parents were: Father - Oliver Lee Baker b 14 May, 1906, Norton, Virginia. d. 26 Dec 1964, Big Stone Gap, Virginia and is buried in Powell Valley Memorial Gardens. Oliver Baker's mother was Dora Bell Huff b 28 Aug 1886, Virginia. m Robert Lee Baker 10 Apr 1903 in Wise Co. Va, d 7 Jul 1949, Wise Co, Va and also buried in Powell Valley Memorial Gardens. Dora's Mother and Father were Jasper Newton Huff and Phebe Jane Huff Amburgey ???, Phebe's mother i believe was a Susannah Boggs, who married a Nathaniel Huff then a William Amburgey and that Phebe was actually Nathaniels daughter. Susannah's parents were Abel Boggs and a Rebecca Maggard. I am curious to know if we are Native American via the Boggs line, but that is another trail.

My mother's mother was Eva Goldie Gibson who went by Goldie b 13 Oct 1909, Wise Co Va. m Oliver March of 1932. d 6 Nov 1973, Big Stone Gap, VA and buried at Powell Valley Memorial Gardens next to Oliver and a daughter of my mothers, Jacquline Dawn Wolfe b 26 July 1961 d Nov 1961. The funeral home has Goldie listed as Mrs Goldie E Baker but my mother swears her name was Eva Goldie. We believe some of Goldie's siblings were: Ethel, Ray, Robert, Curtis, Vincent, Genivia, and Clifford.

Goldie's Parents: Father - James Henry Gibson b 1 Sep 1877, Lee, Va. m Emma Jane Flannary (not sure of spelling. This opens another whole can of worms referring to the flannary as my mother believes that somewhere they were from Ireland and changed from O'Flannary to just Flannary) 9 Jun 1897, Lee, Va and d 1947, Keokee, Va.

Mother - Emma Jane Flannary b 1881?? m James Henry Gibson 9 Jun 1897 and d 1949?? Keokee, Va.

James Henry Gibson's Parents ???: This is what I believe just by surfing the net and have looked at and saved some census's but get really confused.

Father: Lee Gibson b 1854, Panther Creek, Hancock, TN. Home in 1870 census shows White Shoals, Lee, Virginia with Post Office in Jonesville. (My mother graduated from Jonesville High School in 1957) He is a 16 year old white male. Household members show: David Gibson 47, Rebecca 30, Arthur 19, Lee 16, Elizabeth 12, John 10 and Martha 12/12. Something funny though is in the 1880 census from De Kalb, Scott, Va it shows him as MU. Death dont know but found on ancestry.com a marriage for a Lee Gibson to a Jane Oaks on 11 Jul 1877 in Lee County, Va.

Mother: Clessy J Oaks or a Clissy Jane Oaks b Oct 1855, death dont know but according to 1860 census she was 5, born in virginia, home in 1860 was Western District, Lee, Va, Jonesville Post Office. Household members: Elbert A Oaks 31, Rebecca 24, Clessy J 5, Wm F 4, Dudley E 2, Victory 7.12, F J Wright 23 and Wm M Oxford 24. In the 1850 census Elbert Oaks shows up as 20, b 1830, Va, male, home in 1850 was District 31, Lee, Va and household members as Almon Oaks 54, david 25, Elbert 20, James 28, Mary 52 and another Mary 19, Rachel 17 and Sarah 14.

Lee Gibson's Parents ???: Father: David Gibson, 1820 something. On 1870 census showes b 1823, 47 years old, Phuhom;TN, white, male. Internet info again is that 1860 census shows Panther Creek District p 486R, household members: #638/611 David Gibson 29 TN, Rebecca 26 VA, Wm 14 TN, Larkin 7 TN, Lee 5 TN, and Nancy 1 TN. 1850 census: NARS M-432, Roll 881, 33rd Subdivision E Dt, Hancock TN: #117/117 David Gibson 24 (then bday would be 1826) Hancock Co TN, Rebecca 21 VA and Arthur 1 TN. 1840 census I could only find free whites allotted to different persons in different TN counties which only listed head of household and how many males and females and ages, no names etc.

Mother: Rebecca??? 1870 census shows b 1840, 30 years old, Born in Scott, VA, White, Female.

Well if this doesnt give you a headache by now I sure do, LOL. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. My email is me4once2003@yahoo.com. And again thank you.

Kim Wolfe
Colville, WA
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