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Yorks of Union Co, Tn
Clara Sharp
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Searching for my great-grandmother, Ellen or Helen York...born  about  1850..married J.R. Linville Sharp in Union Co, Tn.  Would be associated with Sharps, Warwicks and Boles families.  Any help would be appreciated



Clara Sharp
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RE: Yorks of Union Co, Tn
Margaret Allison
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My Sharp family is from Claiborne (Union) CO TN. I am from:

 Isaac Sharp b/1712 in Palatinate Germany

Heinrich Honas (Henry) Sharp b/1765

John Honas Sharp b/1795

Ambrose Sharp b/1824

John Henry Sharp b/1861 -- he was my great-grandfather.

All of the above (after Heinrich Honas immigrated w/ father Isaac) were born in TN with the exception of John Honas who was born in NC, prior to moving to TN with his parents.

If any of these names sound familiar and you would like to share info. contact me :


Margaret-Ann Allison

Margaret Allison
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