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ISO inf on GEORGE AMOS GREENWOOD, b. 3/9/1873
Dee Blakley
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From searches in census records, I know he used his middle name, Amos, most frequently. 

He married Eva P DELLENBACH, b. 1873 in OH, and they had the following children:

Agnes May, b 1902; Theodore Clarence, b 1905; Henry A, b 1907; Joseph, b 1910; Fannie, b 1911; and Irene, b 1916. 

I believe his parents were James, b 1856 in MA and Mary UNK, b 1856 in CAN.  I don't know that for sure, and also do not know what in state George Amos was born, or when he died.

 Anyone with information or suggestions?

Dee Blakley
Mabelvale, AR
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