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Peter Chance 1615 Old Swinford England
Vincent James Zeman
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I’m hoping someone can answer this 64 million dollar question. Who are the correct parents and grandparents of Peter Chance born 1615 in Old Swinford England. I have searched family trees in Ancestry.com , MyHeritage , FamilySeach and other sites. When I look at all the combinations of names and dates nothing adds up. The people are too young to have children , they are married several years after Peter’s birth etc. , etc. I know that Peter married Ann Underhill in 1637. Most family trees agree with that. Some of the names I have seen for parents and grandparents are Peter Chance born 1590 , John Chance / Chaunce born 1607 , William Chance / Chaunce born 1674 , Rebecca Abbott born 1595 , Ann Christopher Chance born 1610 and Ann Kimberly born 1589. I realize most people copy details from other family tress. In this case if you look at the details things just don’t add up. I hope someone can shed some light on the real parents and grandparents. Thanks a million
Vincent James Zeman
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