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Donnelly of Kilcronaghan, Derry, Northern Ireland
Phil Donnelly
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 I am presently researching my family history and have a fair deal of information. My father, Philip, and his family came from the village of Springhill, Barrhead, Renfrewshire, Scotland. My Uncle Thomas (Tommy)Donnelly was the last member of the family, as far as I know, to stay in Barrhead. He was easily recognisable in and around the town by his artificial leg, long coat and hat. My Grandfather was  James Donnelly who married Bridget McManus on 10th August 1906. My Great Grandfather was Thomas Donnelly who was married to Margaret Hart. My Great Great Grandfather was Henry Donnelly married to Helen Kerr and I believe they came from Ireland as did many families in search of work. Henry owned a butchers shop in Dovecothall, Barrhead and 2 of his sons, Thomas & James, worked there also. While my search takes me across the Irish Sea, I am still firmly focussed on the Barrhead area. What I am searching for now is any photographs, epecially of Henry Donnelly's butcher's shop, or any snippet of information related to my ancestory that may be lying in attics, basements and cellars. I know that my uncle had photographs and items of the family in his house as I saw them as a small boy. My Uncle and his wife have passed over and I have no knowledge of their whereabouts. Please remember that the slightest of information is very important to the research.  

I am quite new to family research but I now seem to be digging stones. While there are a few pieces to investigate in Scotland, I leave the unturned stones for the moment maily through frustration. 

My journey now takes me to Kilcronaghan, Londonderyy, Northern Ireland with 3 snippets of information.

Henry Donnelly (born 1818)married Helen Kerr(born 1810) were from Kilcronaghan, Londonderry. After their son Thomas (born 1851)was bornthey left Kilcronaghan and settled in Barrhead, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Henry was a flesher by trade. Henry Donnelly (born 1790) married Sarah Cain (born 1794)in Kilcronaghan in 1815 Henry Donnelly (born 1772) married Anne Wisener (born 1776) in Kilcronaghan in 1813 I'm a bit dubious about Henry (born 1772) being married in 1813 although I suppose it is possible. I take it Kilcronaghan is or was a parish and not a town. I have no information as to which town or dwelling they came from. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you for taking the time to read this message.Regards, Phil Donnelly
Phil Donnelly
Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland
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