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Slaughter/Smith Family
Renitra Moore-Marion
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My gg grandfather was possibly born and lived in (Woodford County) Versailles, Kentucky.  Born in December between 1882-1886.

He moved to Indianapolis, Indiana at age 21.  Married Rida (Riddie) Douglas.  She moved to Indiana with him from Versailles, Kentucky ----her family is Daniel & Eliza Douglas.

We know my gg grandfather by Leroy Smith, maybe Leroy Slaughter.  On his marriage certificate to Rida, he listed Anna Slaughter as his mother and Leroy Smith as his father. 

We know, he killed a man in Kentucky and had to move to Indiana at age 21ish.  He was a small man and was picked on alot.  He carried a knife at all times.  He had a sister they called Aunt Lew or Lu (?sp).  She lived in Versailles and he would go and visit her.  He was mixed and he had a white uncle who was a doctor in Versailles, his name was Dr. Smith.  His father was their slave owner and his name we thinks is Leroy Smith.

He was married before he married Rida, but to who, we don't know.

Any help, would be appreciated.


Renitra Moore-Marion
Indianapolis, IN
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