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DNA survey of Irish Catholic McGowans, McGowens and Smith
Peter Burnard
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This survey was conducted by Family Tree DNA and shows that Mcgowan/en of Ireland went to England, (County Durham and Lancashire) and were early settlers in the US state of Virginia, Tennessee and Carolina. Male Haplogroup R1a1a2.

Exchange of genealogy/ pedigree sought. The first-name Miles or Myles may be a clue, In Ireland people were "persuaded" to turn their name in to English, and became "Smith".The name dated from at least 1394, when Faelin or Phelin Mac An Ghabhan was the principal writer of the "Book of UI Maine" (Hy Manny). Please note that there is no connection with the similar surnames McGovern, McGoveran .Maguaran,or McGowran, which meant son of "Summer". It is doubtful whether any O'Gowans are connected, but DNA might prove otherwise.


Peter Burnard
London, United Kingdom
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