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Seeking Ancestors ofTarrant Families in, or originating in Ireland.
J. Tarrant
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Would be delighted to hear from anyone seeking Tarrant ancestors in Ireland.

Send me a scan of your Family Tree on one or more A4 pages (divide it up onto as as many pages as necessary!) with as many details such as birth, marriage and death under each name. Write in the name of the place or area where each branch or family was settled down or had their home.  I will help you where I can; it`s my hobby!

I will compare your Tree with my data and  try to connect you to your Ancestral Origins. 

My Email is: tarrant.gen@gmx.de

 Look forward to hearing from you soon!

 Regards,  Colm 

J. Tarrant
Vereinigtes Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland
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RE: Seeking Ancestors ofTarrant Families in, or originating in Ireland.
Dennis Tarrant
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Good Day!

I am not sure that you are still active helping people find their Irish roots.

If you are, hooray! If not, then I am out of luck, but we have the luck of the Irish!

I am named for my grandfather, who emigrated to Boston, then Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts.

He married and had one son, my father, John Joseph, and two daughters.

Please reply to me at my email address and I will follow up with details to you:

Dennis Tarrant


Dennis Tarrant
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